Top Reasons to Get New Window Blinds

Have you ever considered putting blinds on your windows? If you never have, there are plenty of benefits that you may be missing out on. There are all sorts of window treatment options available today, and they can offer you anything from the ability to completely blackout a room or to improve your energy efficiency. Privacy and Light Control If you just have curtains on your windows, you don’t really have any amount of control over[…]

Are these Roller Blinds or Art?

So what was it all about? In the middle of 2015, Define Magazine held an exciting exhibit which aimed at fusing the world of art with that of blinds and window decorations that can be fitted and enjoyed in the home. The exhibit showcased the works of a collection of artists who have drawn themselves together to produce something completely remarkable. The exhibit was centered on the physical and emotional forces that make up spaces[…]