Honeycomb Blinds

July 6, 2016

honeycomb blindsThere are a lot of window cover styles to choose from. You can choose from a variety of fabric-based shades or covers or you can choose from more synthetic materials like plastic. The decision is up to you depending either on your preference or function.Windows are a necessity in every room or office, to let air and light in and air out the space. When uncovered, they also let in heat from outside. To have full control over your internal environment, you need to be able to make full use of window coverings.

Cells Make the Difference

If you’re going for an insulating function on top of a light control, you need to go with the type of custom window blinds that have the best insulation value of all, the honeycomb blinds. The main difference that’s immediately apparent is that these are not composed of a single sheet of fabric. Instead, there it’s a double layer that’s attached and formed in a creative way to create air-trapping spaces in between each vane segment. This unique design makes it one of the best looking modern blinds around.

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When you’re not yet sure if this is the best style for you, you can have free samples sent over to have a look.

If you are interested, we will have the set professionally installed for you at your convenience.