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Our team helped these customers find beautiful new drapes and custom made blinds for their windows. Our shades are made of all sorts of materials, including bamboo and high quality fabric. Check out the project reports below for more information.

Cellular Shades | Culver City | Santa Monica Blinds & Shades

Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: This customer’s existing window treatments were allowing too much light and heat to enter his home.
Our Solution: Having in mind the reason why Mr. Davis wanted to replace his existing window treatments, we recommended installing cellular shades. Not only are they designed to do exactly what Mr. Davis needed, but they would also perfectly blend in with the rest of the furnishings. We returned with the custom made shades and installed them in the blink of an eye.

Mark Davis - Culver City
Roman Shades Near Santa Monica | Santa Monica Blinds & Shades

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: Mrs. Gaemer ordered some elegant black Roman shades for the large window in her upstairs hallway. She also wanted some white lacey valences to complement them.
Our Solution: Our team took down the measurements for the customer’s window, as well as the amount of free space on the wall overhead. The customer ordered an embellished trim for her Roman shades, so we put some white lace along the trailing edge to match the valences. At the customer’s request, we also embroidered a white trim along each fold. Installation was straightforward and left Mrs. Gaemer’s window with a rich monochrome treatment.

Darbie Gaemer - Santa Monica
Roller Shades | Brentwood | Santa Monica Blinds & Shades

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Lewis wanted shades that would easily complement any room in his home, with varied styles and paint colors throughout.
Our Solution: Our team suggested roller shades due to the fact that the cloth they’re made from is endlessly customizable, thus allowing the customer to suit each shade to the space. He felt that was perfect for his needs, so our experts assisted him to find the right pattern and color of fabric for every room in the home. They were then made and installed by us.

Justin Lewis - Brentwood
Solar Shades Next To Culver City CA

Solar Shades

Customer Issue: Although the study was designed as a sunroom, the glare on the computer screen was too much during the afternoon. The customer needed new window shades that could mitigate it.
Our Solution: Our team recommended motorized solar shades that are easy to control while working at his home office, directly from a mobile app. The shades will also protect the antique office furniture from the strong UV light.

Jerry Burnett - Culver City
Vertical Blinds Installation Close To Santa Monica CA

Vertical Blinds installation

Customer Issue: Wanted to give his office windows a more professional look without spending a fortune on new blinds.
Our Solution: Our team explored the different options with the customer. After some deliberation, the customer chose the budget friendly option of fabric vertical blinds with a standard cord, in three coordinated patterns, and we proceeded to install them throughout the floor

Stanley Walker - Santa Monica
Custom Made Bamboo Shades Installation Nearby Santa Monica CA

Custom Made Bamboo Shades Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Fitzpatrick was looking for an environmentally friendly window covering option, made of renewable resources.
Our Solution: We met up with the customer and discussed his preferences in order to provide him with suitable options. The customer chose cordless bamboo blinds in a natural subdued color, which added to the unique alfresco design and relaxing ambiance of his living room.

Wallace Fitzpatrick - Santa Monica
Motorized Drapery Installation Nearest Marina Del Rey CA

Motorized Drapery Installation

Customer Issue: Wanted new curtains with a traditional elegant look and the modern day convenience of automation for his bedroom windows.
Our Solution: During the free consultation with our experts, the customer chose the color and design for his new drapes. He picked a classic look with a rich texture to enhance the style of his bedroom, and opted to have the drapes motorized so that he could open and close them with a remote control.

Bobby Walls - Marina Del Rey
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